Credit despite personal bankruptcy


The most important thing about the loan despite personal bankruptcy

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  1. It may be possible to take out a loan despite personal bankruptcy if, for example, the loan is used for
    Remortgage serves.
  2. In this case, the debtor is often successful when he applies for the loan at the bank, where he already has debts .
  3. To get a loan despite personal bankruptcy, those affected can resort to a guarantee .
  4. Debtors should make sure that they are reputable financial institutions when selecting the lender .
  5. In addition, the conditions should be favorable , so he does not tread deeper into the debt trap.


  • 1 Which bank gives a loan despite personal bankruptcy?
  • 2 Borrow money despite personal bankruptcy – what should not you do?
    • 2.1 Credit despite Schufa and personal bankruptcy?

Which bank gives a loan despite personal bankruptcy?


A loan despite personal bankruptcy is only possible if the old loans are rescheduled.

As a rule, banks require Schufa information for every loan application in order to secure themselves financially, because in the event of a loan default , the bank will remain at the expense .

For a person who has already announced personal bankruptcy, the probability is low that the bank approved her for a loan. Unless she wants to borrow during private bankruptcy to repatriate the old loans.

Debt rescheduling already has debts known to the credit bureaus. There are many banks that offer personal bankruptcy loans , with lending rates usually very high . It is best to ask the bank for a loan during bankruptcy , when you already have old debts. As this is a debt rescheduling , the bank often approves a loan because it gets old loans back through the rescheduling. In addition , she benefits from the prepayment penalty .

Many sufferers tend to borrow expensive loans from abroad , since they can no longer take out loans in Germany after the personal bankruptcy. It should be noted that the financial institutions are reputable banks. On the other hand, they should ask themselves whether a loan despite personal bankruptcy makes sense with the terms (interest, term, etc.).

Borrowing money despite personal bankruptcy – what should not you do?

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Some aspects should be considered when borrowing despite personal bankruptcy so as not to fall into debt trap.

Many debtors are happy when they get a loan despite personal bankruptcy. Nevertheless, they should pay attention to some aspects , so as not to fall into a debt trap.

First, the debtor should take out a loan with personal bankruptcy, to go shopping, but only to reschedule. For this reason, for example, a car loan would not be recommended despite personal bankruptcy .

For the debt restructuring, the loan amount should cover only the remaining debt and the cost of the early repayment penalty . It is not necessary to include a higher amount because correspondingly more credit interest to be paid and the debt pile up by it.

In order not to lose track of consumers should limit the number of their loans. As a rule , this also increases lending rates . What is the best way for you to get out of debt? Check your options for free now! Online debt analysis →

Credit despite Schufa and personal bankruptcy?

Debtors can borrow with a guarantor despite Schufa and personal bankruptcy.

As mentioned above, debtors usually already have Schufa entries , which makes it difficult to borrow because banks always have a credit check carried out before approval of an application. With a credit check, financial institutions want to ensure that the borrower is able to repay the loan granted to him . Yet his payment history in the past is scrutinized. In the foreground is above all, whether the person concerned has always repaid his debts regularly and punctually .

However, it is not uncommon for a person’s creditworthiness to be rated as moderate or poor, even though the person concerned is likely to be able to meet the liabilities . This is the case, for example, with traders who have no regular income.

For this reason, many banks grant a loan despite Schufa entry. In the case of a loan with bad Schufa, the creditworthiness is also checked , but the banks decide on a case-by-case basis whether financing makes sense .

Furthermore, borrowers can borrow with a guarantor, despite Schufa and personal bankruptcy. Hartz 4 recipients can also apply for an instant loan from the Job Center despite the Schufa entry.

Costs for insolvency proceedings


The most important thing about the costs of insolvency proceedings

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  1. Bankruptcy entails costs. These include court costs, expenses and the remuneration of the insolvency administrator .
  2. For the costs of insolvency proceedings, a deferment may be applied for if the debtor’s assets are insufficient to support them.
  3. If debtors are advised and represented by a lawyer , costs will be incurred.


  • 1 What are the procedural costs in the insolvency proceedings?
  • 2 Costs to pay: If the insolvency proceedings are filed by the creditor

What are the procedural costs in the insolvency proceedings?

The costs of insolvency proceedings are based on the insolvency estate .

The costs of insolvency proceedings consist of the following items:

  1. court costs
  2. expenses
  3. Remuneration of the insolvency administrator

The costs of court costs depend on the insolvency estate in accordance with section 58 (1) of the German Law on Costs (GKG) . Further rules on how to calculate the costs of insolvency proceedings charged by the court can be found in the so-called cost list (Annex 1 to § 3 (2) GKG). In addition, the fees must be observed according to the GKG fee schedule .

The fees are determined on the basis of the value in dispute – in the case of private insolvency , this is the insolvency estate . For the opening procedure, a 0.5 fee is charged. This means that half of the value to be taken from the fee table has to be paid. For the insolvency proceedings a 2.5 fee is charged.

The amount of the expenses of the insolvency court , which are to be added to the costs for the insolvency proceedings, are calculated on the basis of no. 9000 et seq. Of the cost list to § 11 GKG. Another important item is the remuneration due to the insolvency administrator . This too depends on the insolvency estate.

The costs incurred in the insolvency proceedings must be borne by the debtor himself . In order for private insolvency to be opened , the assets of the debtor must be sufficient to cover the costs of the insolvency proceedings. However, if the debtor does not have enough money , that does not mean that he can not go through a private bankruptcy with the aim of exempting the debt. In this case, he has the opportunity to file a request for deferment of the costs of the proceedings . As a rule, he then has to make payments only after the remainder of the debt has been discharged.

What is the best way for you to get out of debt? Check your options for free now! Online debt analysis → Also for the rule insolvency costs. They consist of the court costs as well as the expenses and the remuneration of the provisional as well as final insolvency administrator . In addition, the remuneration of the members of the creditors’ committee is also included in the costs of the insolvency proceedings.

Costs to pay: When the insolvency proceedings are filed by the creditor

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If the creditor submits the application, he must bear part of the cost of the insolvency proceedings himself.

Not only a debtor can file for personal bankruptcy in order to reach the residual debt exemption. The creditor can also file for bankruptcy . But does he have to bear the costs of insolvency proceedings in this case?

As a rule, the creditor must pay a 0.5 fee for the application . If the debtor also makes an application to obtain the remainder of the debt, the same fee applies.

This must be borne by the debtor, however , the creditor can be claimed as a second debtor. If the application is rejected or withdrawn, the creditor must additionally pay the expenses incurred .

Many debtors may wonder if the costs of insolvency proceedings are tax deductible . According to a judgment of the Federal Finance Court, debtors can only deduct the costs of the insolvency trustee from the tax as an extraordinary burden . However, an important prerequisite must be fulfilled: private insolvency must have been inevitable . If the taxpayer has caused the insolvency by his own behavior, the deduction from the tax is not possible.

Overdrawing an account: what are the costs?


The most important thing about overdraft

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  1. An account can be covered either with or without a disposition. In this case, you spend money that you do not have.
  2. If you overdraw your account, interest will be charged in any case. An overdraft facility sets an overdraft facility and the amount of interest in advance.
  3. An unauthorized overdraft may result in an increase in interest and, in the worst case, termination of the account.

Overdraft with a disposition credit

Interest: Overdrawing an account is costly.

What does it mean to ” overdraw ” an account or giro account ? Can I also cover my account without a dispo ? How far can I deposit my checking account or bank account? Those questions were often people who are often on the verge of once to slip into the red or are considering whether a line of credit for them is worthwhile.

Overdrawing an account – what is the meaning of this expression? Who covers his account, usually has no more money . If you have taken out a disposition credit, you have an account with dispo . Once added, a client receives this loan from his bank each month . So the bank jumps in when the customer runs out of his own money .

If this happens, the account will be overdrawn because the customer will spend money that he does not have. In this way, the person is also solvent , if theoretically there is no more money that could be deducted from the account. The disadvantage with a disposition credit, however, is that the bank wants the money back . So that means when you overdraw your account, interest will be charged . The advantage for the bank in the case of an out-of-date loan is that it earns it when bank customers overdraw their account.

What is the best way for you to get out of debt? Check your options for free now! Online debt analysis →

What are the interest rates on an overdraft loan?

Anyone who takes out a discretionary loan agrees with the bank on a specific overdraft facility . You can then overdraw your account by this amount . The prerequisite here is usually that a regular, monthly income is paid into this account. From the amount of this income usually also depends on the amount of the disposition credit. The amount of interest varies from bank to bank. Usually 6 to 15 percent interest.

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Calculation of overdraft interest on the checking account or bank account: If you overdraw your account, the bank will charge interest.

A comparison of discretionary loans with different banks can be worthwhile. You should pay attention to the amount of disposition credit interest. Attention : Interest rates are much higher for savings banks and Volksbanks . The following should be noted with regard to credit facilities :

  • Amount of the account maintenance fees
  • Amount of the credit interest
  • Are there any fees for withdrawing cash ?
  • Will any additional services be offered, such as a free credit card or bonuses ?

Overdrawn account: When and how often are interest paid?

The interest on a credit line is settled on a quarterly basis , which means that it is paid every three months . After each quarter, the bank will determine if and how much you have overdrawn your account and calculate the interest on that basis. It sums up the amounts you were in for the quarter . On that basis, the interest will be calculated and debited from your account .

How far can I transfer my account?

If you have an existing credit line , you can overdraw your account as often as you want. Keep in mind, however, that you will pay interest each time , even if you were in total for only one day in total. As mentioned above, it is important for the bank to know how far you are going to overshadow your account , which is why a certain overdraft facility is agreed in advance. The account can then be overdrawn by this particular maximum amount .

Account overdue unauthorized: what now?

How long and how often you fall into the minus does not matter to the bank. But what happens if I overdraw the account beyond the dispolimit ? This should be avoided in any case, as this can have consequences :

Overdraw giro account without Dispo: Can a giro account be covered at all?

  • In case of an overdraft beyond the credit line, higher interest rates are incurred again, usually 5 percent more.
  • Your bank will then contact you and ask you to clear your balance .
  • If you ignore the letter from the bank and do not clear your account , the bank will terminate your account and contact a collection agency to collect the missing money.

A short-term overdraft may be possible, but should always happen in consultation with the bank. A multiple overdraft from the account beyond the credit line can also lead to increased account maintenance fees . In the worst case, a negative SCHUFA entry can also be the result or debts can arise at the bank.

What is the best way for you to get out of debt? Check your options for free now! Online debt analysis →

Overdraw account without dispo

You can also overdraw an account without being charged . However, this should urgently be avoided in the case of an account without a discretionary credit. For the bank, the overdraft without a disposition is a negative sign . But how can I even overdraw my account when there is no money left and no credit has been taken?

Even with an account overdraft without a dispensation , the bank jumps first. But since an account with no dispensing is usually not provided that this is overdrawn, there is an increased risk that they will not get the money back.

In this case, the bank assumes that you have financial difficulties . For this reason, interest rates are also charged , but they are much higher than if the credit line was available. The interest rates serve as a kind of risk compensation and are therefore again 5 percent higher. So, if you overdraw an account without a disposition, that too can have the above consequences and become expensive for you.

Overdraft Interest: What is the overdraft interest if a checking account or bank account is overdrawn?

Normal loan as an alternative to the credit line?

If a discretionary credit involves such high interest rates , would not it make sense to take out a loan with cheaper interest rates ? With another loan, you can save interest , but you have to pay it off in installments over a long period of time, and a normal loan is much more inflexible than the credit line.

Flexibility is one of the advantages of the disposition credit . Here, the decision to overdraw the account, can be made in the short term and within a short time you can compensate for this and so get back into the Plus at any time.

What does creditworthiness mean?


The most important thing about creditworthiness

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  1. Credit standing or credit rating describes the reliability and trustworthiness of a customer in financial terms .
  2. The SCHUFA expresses the creditworthiness of a consumer in a score value . The higher the value, the more creditworthy a person is.
  3. You have the opportunity to improve your personal credit rating with simple measures .


  • 1 The most important thing about creditworthiness
  • 2 What is creditworthiness? Another word for credit
    • 2.1 When is one creditworthy?
  • 3 Five Tips on Improving Your Personal Credit

What is creditworthiness? Another word for credit

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Credit is by definition the financial trustworthiness of a person or a company.

Even everyday business entails a certain risk from the point of view of the service provider. If a consumer buys through the mail order on installments and leaves the monthly payments , the seller does a minus business . The same applies if the customer of a mobile service provider concludes a two-year contract with a subsidized smartphone and then does not pay his monthly fees.

For this reason , companies, service providers and banks check the creditworthiness of their potential customers before concluding a contract with them. They want to find out how trustworthy and reliable this is in business terms.

Whether someone can be considered creditworthy depends on a number of factors that are checked before awarding a loan or concluding a contract in a creditworthiness check:

  • personal relationships
  • current and expected income and assets

What is the best way for you to get out of debt? Check your options for free now! Online debt analysis →

When is one creditworthy?

In order to check the creditworthiness, the bank or the service provider makes a request to SCHUFA or another credit bureau . The SCHUFA determines the creditworthiness on the basis of a score value. If the credit score is high , the potential borrower or customer is considered creditworthy . Then the likelihood that a loan or a payment obligation will be paid is considered high. The higher the score , the cheaper the credit conditions , such as: Interest rates, off.

In order to calculate the score for the creditworthiness , the SCHUFA analyzes the data of the respective consumer. The result is compared with other borrowers and their default rates. Thus, the SCHUFA determines the probability with which a consumer will repay his loan or other liabilities.

The exact calculation method is still a well-kept secret of the credit reference agency .

Five tips on how to improve your personal credit rating

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How creditworthy am I? Check your credit data regularly at the SCHUFA.

  1. Regularly check your data at SCHUFA and, if necessary, delete or correct incorrect or outdated information.
  2. Avoid debt and spend only as much money as you have available. The more credits you take, the lower your credit rating.
  3. If you are looking for loans , you should make sure that only one ” request credit term ” is provided and no “request credit”.
  4. Pay your bills and (credit) installments on time .
  5. Cancel unnecessary checking accounts and credit cards .

If you find a credit rating , even though your financial situation looks good, a prompt check of your data with all credit bureaus is advisable. There may be negative features that are not factual. However, a negative credit check can also indicate that you are heavily in debt . In this case, contact a debt counseling service .

Which version management software should you use?


Whether it’s websites or software, development is not necessarily the prerogative of one person. Therefore, when you want to work collaboratively on a dedicated project – personal as professional, it appears inter alia differences in work, performance, synchronization, optimization and point of view. Collaborative development and, more generally, team and project management are whole areas of concepts and techniques that we will not tackle. Today, we will instead focus on software that combines productivity and teamwork, so that your developments remain fluid whatever the circumstances.

The usefulness of version control software

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A version control software (or VCS, for Version Control System or SCM for Source Code Management ) revolves around a very simple concept: the saving of all the modifications made on all the files of the project and the maintenance source code throughout the development process. In other words, it is a modern type of archiving with many features. This type of software is particularly effective for working on several versions at the same time. Thus, you can create several branches : the current branch (the production branch) and the future branch (the development branch). Impossible then to get tangled with the brushes. Another advantage: rollbacks . A shell somewhere? By having access to the historicity of files, you can retrieve and redeploy earlier versions. Or just to see what you did at a given time, if you or your collaborators were productive, etc.

Finally, they make it possible to collaborate better. They force us to work on a common base when we move to collaborative development. They distribute the files to each developer and force them to validate their changes by returning them to the software. In fact, teams can work simultaneously (or not), on similar branches (or not), but always keeping the files as up-to-date as possible. This is the end of compatibility issues and last-minute bugs. Finally, they allow dematerialization and synchronization in many parts of the world. Log in to the software and download the files, it’s as simple as a click of the mouse!

Advantages :

  • They improve collaborative work: you can work simultaneously on the same files.
  • If changes occur in parallel, the merge function will do the job.
  • They help with general communication and information sharing.
  • They allow the development on several versions at the same time thanks to the branch system.
  • Archiving improves security (data loss) and maintenance (rollback in case of problems).
  • History allows statistics: who did what, when, how, and why.
  • They advocate the centralization of information and the use of a common foundation.
  • They force the validation of the changes by their visibilities to the rest of the team.
  • It’s fast and easy to use!


  • By centralizing information, they improve internal security but not external. Be careful.
  • At first glance, setting up and configuring such a solution can put off more than one.
  • There are plethora of features and their grip may require time.
  • They can quickly take up space according to the projects and the number of collaborators.
  • They require client software to connect to it and validate their work. It’s about finding the right one!

Git and GitHub, the power 2.0

Image result for management software

There are many versioning software that can offer developers features for collaborative work. One of them stands out clearly: it is Git. Created by linux torvald , the founding father of the Linux kernel in 2005, Git has many followers and can now boast a base of about twelve million users.

If Git is so popular, it’s also partly thanks to the GitHub website. This developer social network hosts and manages millions of software development projects. It allows the sharing of information by proposing a system of management of bugs (or issue tracking system ), proposals of modification (or pull request ), a manager of task, a wiki, graphics (submission, contribution, frequencies, …) etc. True strike force since 2008, the year of its launch, GitHub evangelizes Git and converges the entire web community. In 2016, GitHub has 14 million users and 35 million repositories, making it the largest source code directory in the world.

  • The official Git software website
  • Git: A quick guide to getting started
  • GitHub For Dummies: No Panic, Get Started!

Mercurial SCM, simplicity and speed

Just like Git, Mercurial SCM is the versioning software that goes up. Available on Linux and Windows, it is released under the GNU / GPL license since 2005, the year of its launch. Moreover, the concomitance of the exit of Mercurial and Git ready to smile, it is barely 12 days! Based on the same principle of decentralization as Git, Mercurial offers functionalities close to its competitors, while invoking its great simplicity and speed of use. Indeed, Mercurial has proven itself in the management of large projects, in its ability to not have to use a server, through its web interface, in its management of branches and mergers.

  • The official website of the Mercurial SCM software
  • Get started with Mercurial
  • Hg Init: a Mercurial tutorial (in English)

Apache Subversion, or SVN for the friends

Another big one among the big ones is Apache Subversion, or SVN. Subversion is free software developed by the Apache Software Foundation since 2000. Replacing the famous Concurrent Versions System or CVS software, Subversion essentially offers the same functionality as Git and Mercurial for teamwork. He is often an ancestor, but beware: the old man is strong and, although he is losing ground, he is still very fit for his age! So how do you differentiate them? Which one to choose ?

  • The official website of Apache Subversion
  • Introduction to Subversion
  • SVN tutorial (in English)

Git vs. Mercurial vs. Subversion, the game of 5 differences

  1. Centralization: this is the fundamental point of differentiation. Git and Mercurial are decentralized. When you use them, everything is hosted on both the server and your computer. You can work wherever you want, by plane, on the train, offline, etc. You have access to all the data of the deposit since they are downloaded in full on your machine. For Subversion which is a centralized system, this is not the case. You must connect to the depot server.
  2. Storage: Each system manages and stores its data in a different way. While Git advocates the use of metadata in a directory named .git, where all downloaded resources are located (tags, branches, version history, etc.), SVN only stores files. You will notice a noticeable difference in terms of storage space.
  3. Branches: Using branches is far easier with Git and Mercurial than with Subversion. Git and Mercurial manage everything and know which file should be merged or not. For Subversion, on the other hand, the branches are only the result of a repository directory. To merge branches, you will need to use special commands.
  4. Revisions: Subversion and Mercurial use a unique numbering for each revision of the files. This is not the case for Git. (For this one, find out more information and ways to get around this thorny problem in this article from .)
  5. Protection: the content in Git and Mercurial is encrypted using the SHA-1 ( Secure Hash Algorithm) algorithm. This avoids the corruption of a repository as a result of a problem sending over the Internet or the crash of a hard drive. This is not the case for Subversion.

For further comparison, this Wikipedia article (in English) brings together all the version control software helping you to better differentiate them according to protocols, portability and other features they have come to offer you.

Graph showing the evolution of searches on Google since 2004

This document shows, by a roundabout way, the popularity of a particular software solution based on the number of searches on Google over the years. If CVS was very popular in the 2000s, it is gradually losing ground to SVN. Then, in the 2010s, it is the turn of the latter to be dethroned by the ogre Git. Mercurial, finally, makes his merry way and stays in the neck and neck.


To conclude

The use of version control software is certainly not mandatory, however, it is an essential partner in the management of your projects. And that, no matter the number of collaborators. Moreover, many developers who use such systems while they are alone to program. Because, even beyond the collaborative aspect, they allow backup, deployment and portability of work without equal. So do not wait, lean on it! You will see, in the long run, these software ends up having only advantages.


Termination of the direct insurance from lack of money

Labor Court has ruled that the termination of the direct insurance is not allowed due to lack of funds.


The Federal Labor Court (FOPH) has ruled in a ruling that the financial shortage of the employee does not entitle him to terminate the direct insurance for the company pension scheme concluded by the employer in order to obtain the surrender value. According to the BAG, this would not be compatible with the Law on the Improvement of Occupational Pensions (BetrAVG) (OJ 26.04.2018, Az. 3 AZR 586/16).

What are the circumstances of termination of the direct insurance from lack of money?

Image result for termination of insurance art

In 2001, the employee entered into a salary conversion agreement with his defendant employer under which the employer was required to contribute approximately EUR 1,000 per year to the direct insurance contract concluded for the employee. The employer was officially the policyholder.

Since 2009, the insurance rested, which is funded by the employer by further contributions. When the employee got into a financial shortage , he submitted the termination of the direct insurance from lack of money.

The insurance company then asked his employer if he agreed to the termination. The employer denied this, however.

Termination of the direct insurance from lack of money is not permitted

Termination of the direct insurance due to financial difficulties is not compatible with the company pension law.

Termination of the direct insurance due to financial difficulties is not compatible with the company pension law.

The application for consent to dismissal has already been dismissed by the lower courts.

Accordingly, the Landesarbeitsgericht (LAG) Cologne ruled that the employer’s interest in not terminating the insurance outweighed the plaintiff’s interest in terminating the contract.

The LAG pointed out that the contributions paid by salary conversion are not subject to social security or income tax .

If an occupational pension contract is canceled at the surrender value before the age of 60, all the social security contributions saved must be added to the contribution amount. According to the LAG, occupational pensions, as a second pillar of pensions , are more than just a saving process that can be terminated at any time.

In the latest ruling, the BAG ruled that the plaintiff did not have a stake in the notice worth protecting. It was the purpose of the salary conversion regulated in the company pension law to secure the standard of living of the employee in old age.

Accordingly, termination of the direct insurance concerned by financial difficulties would not be compatible with that purpose, in particular since the applicant intended to use the capital saved for the benefit event for the repayment of debts.

How can I secure my bank account?


Currently people use new technologies and the Internet for all types of monetary operations. In principle, there should be no problem. Currently, any operation with a bank account on the Internet should not cause any problems. However, hackers and other impostors lurk so it is important to take a series of precautions before giving the personal details of your bank account to anyone.

In today’s Babar article, we will talk about the dangers of certain hacking and fraud in bank accounts and we will explain how to avoid them. All this here, on the blog of Babar Argentina. Take this article as a guide to go to when avoiding any possible attack on your bank account. Some of the recommendations may seem simple or obvious, but sometimes we forget them. Other advice directly are unknown by many, so they will surely help you to have your bank account safely on the Internet.

como proteger cuenta bancaria

How can I protect my bank account?

A bank account is the most used way to save money by most people. And more and more frequently, bank details are used in many Internet sites to make purchases and for other types of operations such as the acquisition of personal loans . You do not have to worry about it, since online money transactions are very safe today. But as in real life, on the Internet there are also criminals willing to take advantage of people for their own benefit and their coffers. That is why it is important to know the frauds that exist to secure the funds of your bank account. How can the assets of our bank accounts be guaranteed and protected against the most common scams that occur on the Internet?

The first thing is not to give anyone your account number and, of course, your bank code. You only have to give your bank account information to companies with which you have had commercial relations or, failing that, to those that you have proven to be completely safe , for example through comments and online ratings. Some offenders may request that you deliver all types of personal information and information about your bank account to withdraw money from your account through a bank draft or a telecheque. Also making electronic transfers. Never fall for certain offers from unknown companies that offer free trials in exchange for bank account numbers. The first thing is to make sure, then, of the brand, of the company to which you will give your personal data. Not falling into fraud is relatively simple with only a little care.

Other tips to protect the bank account

There are browsers that protect your personal banking data from any possible violation. For example, the SafeZone browser, which is the Avast browser, the king of security. SafeZone allows you to use a banking mode when you enter your bank accounts or when you write your data on certain pages. In this way, it is the best option to protect you from any type of banking fraud when making monetary transactions through the Internet. To improve security, this browser provides the user with an encrypted connection to the Avast DNS servers. This way you know that you are protected, even when your device connects to some open or insecure Wi-Fi network. In addition, SafeZone protects you from phishing ( scam that occurs through identity theft) and unsafe pages or identified as suspicious or malicious. You will also not be affected by spyware . That is, it adds levels of security that provide total peace of mind to the user.

Babar, your safety in good hands

On the Internet you have to be as careful with your bank accounts as in real life. For the rest, everything will depend on the company with which you do some type of operation. For example, if you are thinking of applying for direct credit , make sure that the financial entity with which you negotiate the granting of the credit is completely reliable. For example, Babar, which constantly strives to ensure the security of its website and generate maximum confidence in our customers . Not in vain, we have more than 98% of loyal customers, which speaks of how safe it is to apply for a personal loan at .

And not only do we do it with the maximum security guarantees, but in the best terms and with the maximum speed. You can get the money you need in less than 15 minutes and with exceptional conditions. The application process? You only have to choose the conditions of the loan in the selection bars available to indicate quantity and time, and then you will find a most intuitive form that can be filled in a matter of two minutes. You know. Fast personal loans of up to $ 5,000. You decide how much you need and how many days you need to return it. Apply now at Babar Argentina! Do you have any questions? Our customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for when you need us. Contact us and we will solve your doubts!


Computer security: passwords, a major problem on the Internet


Nowadays, we experience daily websites that require convoluted passwords consisting of upper and lower case letters, numbers, of a minimum number of characters. Some require you to change them every time, when they do not save your old passwords to compare them to the new ones to make sure you do not put the same ones back! We walk on the head. Of course, securing data on the Internet must be taken very seriously. But by doing so, it is the end consumer that is unwelcome. In the coming years, we must focus on a safer world that is also easier to use. Decryption

Image result for password strength

The historicity of a perversion announced

Since the world is a world, or rather, since the Internet is Internet, it has always been necessary to secure certain data in order to privatize them, and on the other hand to be able to transform, analyze and then operate individually. From this observation and from a need related to privacy was born the need to have a password for almost everything. What began as a banal security system turned into a deformed creature where everyone does a little everything he wants in his corner, ignoring some rules of common sense yet crucial. Here are some examples that can be found everywhere on the Web:

  • Passwords stored in plain text in databases
  • Passwords like 123456, azerty, 111111, 1a2z3e4r
  • Fields with insane obligations of lengths, letters, numbers, special characters
  • Passwords stored on-do-knows-where by single sign-on systems such as Facebook Login
  • Dual computer / mobile authentication systems

In the end, the one who gets fucked is always the same: the consumer. Tired of providing passwords like a cash cow, he does the worst thing, he uses one and the same password for all the websites where he is registered. By doing so, and while he believes himself safe, he does not understand the evil of the thing. It is not so much the password that is to be called into question as the site on which it is used. Unaware of its management and security procedures, the password may very well be unencrypted in their database. Here is how we come to have a gaping security hole where, with a simple mistake, we can trace the entire thread of your personal data.

Passwords on the Web

Wondering what are the most used passwords on the Internet? Many analysts and computer security companies have done their little investigation. For example, this PDF gives you the 25 most common passwords on a list of 10 million passwords. Worse, this list offers 1.5 billion passwords in self-service! These results demonstrate the ceaseless failure of a system that has reached its peak. One day or the other, it will have to be put back flat and redesigned in the smallest details.

An example of childish hack to have passwords

Let’s start from the postulate that you want to register on the forum of a lambda site. We propose you to choose a username, give your e-mail address and your password. As usual, you give the password you use every day. However, what you do not know is that a person has set up a system to capture the password in clear before it is encrypted. In other words, the site administrator takes your password in plain text and stores it elsewhere for future use. Later, without realizing it, admitting that the password of your e-mail is the same one, it will be able to be introduced in your mail and reassemble all your information. Or, if it is a vicious person, he will find you with your email address on other sites and will reuse your credentials to pretend to you, exploit your data, and so on. As for you, you will see only fire and you will never know which initial site comes the problem, drowned that you are in the vastness of sites where you use each time the same process.

Image result for password strength

Never – NEVER – trust the Internet

It is often said that the problem occurs between the chair and the keyboard, says otherwise, that in the majority of cases the user is involved. The problem is not so much the lack of information as the naivety to believe oneself immune by submitting a complicated password. When you do not know the protocols used to secure and store your data, you do not have to trust. Whether it’s Mr. Smith, Google or Facebook. No company anywhere in the world can claim to have never had a data leak. Identity theft, theft of credit card numbers, e-mail addresses, passwords, phone numbers, etc. Everything is good to find, trace and exploit your personal data to sell to the highest bidder.

Single sign-on, the wrong good idea

For several years, one can see appearing unique authentication systems such as Facebook Login. They have a definite advantage, that of using a single account for a multitude of Internet sites. In fact, no need to register everywhere, you can now simply click to choose whether or not to deliver information to the site on which you are browsing. If it is a practical solution or relatively secure (let’s always be careful), it poses two major problems: privacy and centralization of information. Indeed, you agree to deliver all your data to a single entity (here Facebook) who will know your every move and the sites and / or applications that you use daily with their system. Finally, you agree to put all your eggs in one basket: by using a single authentication, the disclosure of your identifiers could allow a malicious person to do what he wants and exploit all your personal data. If, from a practical point of view, single sign-on is a revolution, in fact it is more of an ethical or even moral problem and therefore a false good idea. We will never repeat it enough: never trust the Internet, moreover, a company that makes the analysis of personal data its business.

Double authentication, a safe drift

Image result for password strength

If absurdity were to have a name, it would be double authentication. Not content to offer you a reliable service, this solution requires you to confirm that you are the sponsor and it is not an intrusion. After having entered your identifiers on your computer, you are obliged to validate all on your mobile. In other words, identifying yourself on two different solutions would be the guarantee of maximum security. It’s wrong. No system is 100% reliable, and if it is not the system that has a breach, it is the consumer and his naivety who will be responsible for completing the work (Apple is witness, more information in this article ). Conclusion: The most developed system in the world will never prevent someone from wanting to infiltrate it and to do it one day or another. It would be really very kind and courteous to stop going upmarket on ever more intrusive systems.

The importance of returning to the fundamentals

As we have just seen, security is shifting towards increasingly complex and abusive protocols and uses. While we must obviously innovate on the management and security of passwords, it seems important to return to the fundamentals of communication and education of Internet users. But then, how to combine security and ease of use?

Tools for users

It is crucial to use different passwords for each website. For this, many random generators exist on the Internet. For example, the Password Generator site gives you the ability to configure a variety of options to create complex and secure passwords of varying length. The official Norton antivirus website also delivers an identical service to generate a random password . Finally, you can turn to the site Strong Random Password which is not outdone as regards the generation options. Of course, once these passwords have been generated, they should be remembered.

For this, several options are available to you:

  1. Save the passwords in the browser. This is the most common use. This is good for unpretentious sites that do not have information of significant value to you. Never forget that if someone uses your computer without your knowledge, this method will allow them to pretend to be neither known nor seen.
  2. Write the passwords in a text file (or on a piece of paper). It is to proscribe. In the first case, a simple file can travel through a network and end up in unscrupulous hands. The second case is hardly safer, because you export sensitive information on another medium. What about a person who takes it or makes a simple photocopy?
  3. Save passwords in software. This solution seems to be the most appropriate at present. Several password backup software exist. For example, Keepass proposes to save all your passwords in an internal and encrypted database. The advantage is twofold: passwords remain on your computer (they do not transit the network or in a cloud). To access the entire list, it will be enough of a main password. You just have to remember a single password to unlock the list of all others. A simple, practical, private and secure solution.

An idea to think about for developers

Here is an idea to increase security without exasperating users. Warning: this solution can be (very, maybe too much?) Complicated to implement! Moreover, it could pose to some a philosophical problem.

  1. Only require one criterion. A password of minimum 10 characters!
  2. Use Unicode. It may be the door open to all excesses . But validating the use of Unicode gives many more possibilities with different languages ​​(Arabic, Chinese, etc.) and even emojis. Such a system can be very effective but should not be taken lightly because the use of certain special characters can be abusive.
  3. Calculate the entropy. At the end of the chain, it will be necessary to calculate the entropy of the password to validate it or not according to well-defined criteria. The entropy of a password is a measure to calculate its predictability. The password must therefore go through several steps: length, uppercase / lowercase / numbers, special characters, if it is an existing or imaginary word, if it contains the same characters as the pseudonym (even in the disorder!), etc.
  4. Explain, educate and validate. You must be able to communicate on the entropic value of the password and therefore its score (for example on 100). And if, whatever the score, the user still chooses to put this password, so let him do it is his free will. Let’s finish with the habit of imposing everything on others. Here, the explanation and education premium. The system evaluates, the user makes the final decision and assumes the future consequences. Is not this the name of the word Liberté?

In conclusion

In conclusion of this article, it seems to us essential to emphasize our positions in education and not obligation. Password loopholes and computer security as a whole are not a binary problem made of black and white, but rather a multitude of gray where many stakeholders may turn out to be the weakest link. Too often, the user is denigrated as being this failing item. Yet, many companies are victims, each day, theft of personal data while the user, it is not for nothing. In this set of actors, it is important that everyone understands their place and their role. The company must secure its data without harassing its public too abusive procedures. The Internet user, meanwhile, must understand the issues to better act. Only by focusing as much on education as on communication will we create a better web.


Long Trot and Natural SEO SEO


In this new article on SEO (or SEO , for Search Engine Optimization is Search Engine Optimization ), we will discuss the phenomenon called long tail ( long tail SEO in the language of Shakespear). Well known web referencers, this technique will allow you – if it is well executed – to increase your audience from the search engines. In addition, unlike tips more or less learned and wacky to set up, the long tail has an undeniable advantage: anyone with the ability to write on a subject can identify the contours and use it .

Image result for long tail seo

When the Internet undermines local commerce

Before explaining what the long tail is, we have to talk about Chris Anderson . A priori, this name does not tell you anything. Editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine , he begins to look at the phenomenon in 2004, then publishes a book in 2006. It starts with a simple statement of the Pareto law : in store, 20% of products represent 80% of the figure business. But in online commerce, the effect is reversed: 80% of turnover comes from catalog bottom products, often available in small quantities. Bests bests representing “only” 20%. The e-commerce sites have understood and are a specialty in this long-distance discipline. Take as an example Amazon and Ebay, the two behemoths in the industry. They each propose several million references. If, in a store, the number of articles is limited by the size of the places and the stock, on the Internet, it is not so. The phenomenon of long tail for e-commerce is therefore summarized in these terms: the more references you have in your catalog, the more the distribution of your turnover is reversed.

A concrete example: take a video game store. For customers to enter, it must attract the visitor by proposing the latest fashionable things. There is not much space, so everything has to be organized properly, sorted and organized, so that the eye of the person concerned can immediately find what he is looking for. This is an optimal use of space, based on rent and profitability on a fixed stock and a predefined catalog. In this case, the Pareto law tells us that 20% of the products will make 80% of the turnover. Now, if this store was online, it could de facto offer more titles. A storage location has a much different space optimization. The catalog can be more provided, you will not attract people looking for the latest titles, but also amateurs, mothers, etc. who want to buy a particular title. By expanding your base, increasing your catalog, you reverse this famous distribution. This is one of the main reasons that bookstores can not fight Amazon. Added to this are the low storage costs, the cheaper labor, the purchase of bulk products and almost nonexistent shipping costs. The customer has for his wallet, the advice in less.

Gain an audience by publishing quality content

It can not be said enough: Google likes what the visitor likes. Stop wanting to cheat. To seek alternatives. Take the time to write, to write a lot. Do some writing work on the main topics that surround your activity. The more you produce quality content, the more Google will give you confidence and therefore places. Making the long tail on the web is not the magic solution. Yet she is recognized by everyone. What is this technique? Neither more nor less than the publication of generous and complete articles on a subject (as we for example, for websites!). It is based on a stupid principle: the more articles you write, the more you will tend to bring out words or combinations of sentences. This is where the Pareto (or 80/20) law comes in. Since you can not be in first position or page for all keywords, you will try to capture audience with generic terms.

Image result for long tail seo

Let’s take another concrete example. You manage a car repair site in Orleans. Your keywords can be “car repair”, “vehicle repair”, “car maintenance”, “Renault brand spare parts”, etc. The main keywords enjoy strong competition and it will be simply impossible to be in first position on each of them. Now, by expanding your site, adding content and articles, you can turn the tide and reference thousands of small generic keywords. Do you think that all people looking for information about cars write “car”? As surprising as it may seem, this is not the case. And your SEO must leave nothing to chance. Some will actually hit car, other vehicle, or automobile, crate, 4 wheels, car, sedan. They are looking for a garage in the Loiret, Orleans, rue du Faubourg Bannier … They want a technical interview, a drain, a change of belt, be repaired … You have thousands and thousands of keywords. And these thousands of keywords, put end to end, form a massive audience. You can be prime on the automotive keyword and have 2000 visitors a day. But you can just as easily be on 2000 generic keywords. You only need one visitor for each of these keywords to have the same audience. The advantage is that being on the front page or position on combinations of terms is much easier.

Doing long trolling does not mean writing anything

Well, we see you coming. You say, “I can copy articles to other websites, or generate content on the fly!” For several years, Google has been a master at detecting duplicate content and generated content. By doing so, you will only succeed in getting banned for a longer or shorter period. Again, do not cheat. However, writing is not enough. You have to write correctly. Obviously, by punctuating your sentences, avoiding mistakes of any kind (although it may be relevant to refer to mistakes, more information in our article What is the impact of the domain name on SEO? ) . You need to find the right terms and terminologies. Writing hundreds of characters will not be enough, writing your article will put you in the shoes of the reader and even more of the person looking for information. Before each publication, put yourself in condition and gather words and other keywords likely to revolve around the subject that animates you. Then, once in writing, make them stand out from time to time. Disseminate them in your content, make sentences that appeal to them. Thus, you will be more likely to go back into search results on queries that are quite poor in competition. Never forget that small streams make big rivers. To help you find keywords, use tools like Google Analytics , Google Trends , SERP related searches (for Search Engine Results Page ), keyword generation, and search engine results. expressions of Google Adwords , etc.

To conclude

In SEO SEO, all means are good to capture visitors and achieve its goal (within reasonable limits and lines of deterrence traced by Google). If as we said before, the long tail is not the miracle solution, it is not to be taken lightly. A major asset in your web strategy, this technique should be used as well as partnerships with websites close to your theme that talk about you and quote you with links backlinks (or backlinks ); semantics and web development with little onions; good management of metadata tags and careful monitoring of possible fluctuations or improvements. Finally, never lose sight of your goal but give yourself time. You will not be first in 3 months. Neither on hundreds of keywords in this span of time. Do not update all your pages because it does not go up fast enough. The frenzy of updates can hurt your design. Be stable and confident. Stay zen in all circumstances. Keep writing by keeping the rhythm and your writing method. If your site is neat and “edible”, using the right tools and techniques, you will succeed.


7 ideas received about SEO


For many years, the fact is that SEO on search engines is quite unknown to the general public and professionals. There would be an area of ​​darkness, a mysterious veil of ideas received of all kinds, so-called. In the mouth of some, SEO would depend on the number of visitors to its site. For others, turnover. Google would go to bakchich and it would be possible to buy first positions. Or again that SEO is an exact science … Anyway. It is right now to kick in the anthill and wring the neck to all these nonsense.

It is possible to buy positions on search engines

Image result for SEO

One of the most popular and tenacious arguments. It’s wrong. I mean by search engine, those who refer to the market (Google, Yahoo !, Bing). There is no commercial number to call or anyone from any service to bribe to be in first position. Being in first place is free and requires, depending on the competition, the sector and the keywords, a lot of effort and time.

On the other hand, nothing prevents anyone from appearing in an advertisement at the top of the search results. This is a paid, temporary service and, for Google, it is the Google Adwords program. Finally, you can also “buy positions” in a roundabout way, simply by using an independent referencer or an SEO agency whose objective is to boost your visibility on search engines. Keep in mind, however, that you will not be in first position with a simple magic wand or thanks to the depth of your wallet (although it can help considerably). That brings us to the next question.

SEO is an exact science

False. Take the case, again, of Google, because it is the most popular search engine in the world. Google created, updates, and has an algorithm that only it knows about. In other words, except to be in the secret of the gods, SEOs have only more or less convincing indications of things that work and do not work.

SEO is a subtle mix of knowledge, skills acquired through experience and flair. Attention, that does not mean that we will all run in the middle of the night in the woods, naked, without even seeing where we put our feet. There are indeed tools that help SEOs to make a finding of places and direct them in their approach. But do not ever believe the one who tells you that you will be first on Google in two weeks, that he knows everything, that he has seen everything and that he knows the world that knows the world.

SEO is cheap

Image result for SEO

False. Maximum alert! I would not go so far as to say that SEO is the most expensive thing (for the simple reason that there is such a vast array of skills in the world of web and programming that many things can go beyond conventional spending). On the other hand, by way of example, the talents of a SEO are often more expensive than those of a developer (in cost per hour and with equal qualities, independent or web agency).

You pay the experience, the seriousness, the notoriety and sometimes even the name. The design of a website has a precise specification, a list of features known in advance, a clear and flawless encryption. The delivery date is no doubt (unless you have delays, but they are usually known in advance). Put aside all these notions when referring to SEO.

First thing to understand and accept: there are no precise specifications. There are of course some notorious elements to take into account (markup, content, architecture, etc.) but each site does not react in the same way. In other words: SEO is a kitchen, where you must dose each ingredient carefully. That’s why most SEOs or agencies will pass, beforehand, a battery of tests (audits). Then there is no delivery date. Forget about “you’ll be first in two months,” “you’ll be in top position on that keyword in two weeks,” and so on. And to finish, be patient. When you create your website, it is usually to make it available on a specific date, for example, when you create a brand. Or the rapprochement with another company. Given that you can not know when you will be first, do not be obstinate or obtuse. Stay calm, zen and keep feeding your website by ignoring everything else. One day when the other, perseverance will eventually pay off.

Finally, and finally, at a time when everyone looks at the expense, it nevertheless seems obvious to recall that a service has a cost. Do not be surprised by the numbers that can circulate and seem high, be rather surprised by the numbers that can circulate and seem low. SEO is a bit like art. You will not buy a Monet, a Rembrandt or a Picasso at 35 euros. At best a crust. Look at the long term and your return on investment. Prices can be high, but if your sector is very competitive and has a high potential market, a very good SEO will not be necessary but mandatory. And the price that it will cost you will seem very derisory compared to the profits generated.

SEO depends on the number of visits (or turnover)

False. Your website can bust thousands of visitors, your company may be listed on the New York Stock Exchange, it will not change your listing one iota. Google, Yahoo! and Bing do not take into account the visits and even less the turnover (how could they?), but, first and foremost, the relevance of your content. In other words, start by treating the editorial line of your site. Be relevant and regular, offer unique, clean and sourced content. Search engines like what your visitors like. So give your visitors what they ask for and you will get, in return, the approval of the search engines.

Positioning is based on the number of links

False. We must first distinguish two things: quantity and quality. One does not bode well on the other. If there was a time, the notion of quantity had direct consequences on positioning (hence the abuse), this is no longer the case. Today, it is better to have some very good links than a thousand that have no value. But then, what is a good link?

It comes first from a site that is authoritative in its field (this area must be similar, or at least, close to yours). An example: you are a car dealer. Get closer to other car dealerships, driving schools, institutional sites on automotive apprenticeship and training, OEM sites or parts suppliers and even the local garage! On the other hand, having links from sewing shop sites, remote cosmetics sales, or blogging about Pi’s square root will have virtually no impact on your positioning.

Then a good link is a link that is not forced. Understand that he is not there by chance but for a specific purpose. If the link appears within an article, it is because it has a good chance of adding more information to an article. You therefore appear as a significant source of knowledge. You become relevant then. Conjugated to the effect of a nearby domain, this increases your credibility in the eyes of search engines. They are then more confident, more able to say that you have authority on this area. You win places.

Having a strong presence on social networks boosts SEO

Image result for SEO

False. Having a strong presence on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and other Instagram or Linkedin certainly adds visibility and can increase your visitors. But they do not have a direct impact on your SEO. However, by allowing you to capture a new audience, they can make you talk beyond these media. They therefore have an indirect impact through potential sites that can possibly make links back to your content. Once again, the value of these links should be tempered according to the authority of the source site, its area of ​​expertise, the location of the link, and how it is integrated into its editorial content or not. .

There are several types of SEO

It is true. Among them are:

Natural referencing

It consists in positioning oneself in a natural and free way on the search engines, by the use of techniques called white (white, approved) or black (black, forbidden). Here, the client’s website is maximized to the maximum extent possible, and we take care of the grain (hence the abbreviation SEO, for Search Engine Optimization ). I advise you to pay attention to the types of benefits desired and choose only white, safe techniques, where you do not risk anything in the long term.

Paid search

By the purchase of keywords, it is for example possible, on Google, to appear at the top of search pages. This service is paid and gives you a quick, easy but temporary visibility. It is neither more nor less than marketing campaign techniques, buying visibilities, links, via Google Adwords or other advertising agencies. Paid search is also called SEM for Search Engine Marketing . This is a great way to get people talking about you, for the launch of a product or brand.

Local SEO

This is usually a free listing, consisting of appearing in the proximity inset when people do a local search. For example, if you are a gym and fitness center in Bordeaux, a surfer who type on Google “Bordeaux gym” must be able to find you in local businesses. Your establishment will then appear before his eyes, and he can discover the opening hours, pictures of the premises, the address, the telephone number and the URL (if any) of your website.

Mobile SEO

This type of referencing is largely based on the same criteria as natural referencing, except that it is optimized for mobile searches. Hence the importance today of having a website with RWD ( Responsive Web Design ) functionality. Indeed, Google is able to determine sites that offer adequate content on smartphone. Thanks to its algorithm, it is able to weight the results. As a result, adaptive websites are much better equipped to meet this demand.

To conclude

Ideas received are hard. On SEO, they are legions by opacity and lack of knowledge of the profession. Whatever. This article does not stand out as a defender of all the truths on the subject. Its sole purpose will have been, I hope, to inform you and to make you understand what you are entitled to expect, or not, such benefits.